Annual Maifest outing in Chicago's Lincoln Square

This weekend it was once again time to descend upon Lincoln Square and partake in the German celebration of Maifest. Maifest is meant as a celebration of spring, when the earth thaws and life returns after a long cold winter. In Lincoln Square, this involves huge boot-shaped cups full of beer, and a lot of sausage and sauerkraut.

After a few (about 60) ounces of Hofbräuhaus München and PBR, we wandered on over to Lincoln Square Lanes for a few games of post-Maifest bowling. Luckily the alley was not crowded this year, so Lisa, Elena, Andrew, Jett, Retschi, Fatima and I had an easy time claiming a couple lanes right away. We all bowled terribly, as expected after nearly 5 hours of beer drinking, but it was fun nonetheless.

After bowling we finished the night at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant, as tradition demands. The food there is good, but it is even better after a long hard day of celebration.

Full set of pics can be found here.