Elementary Woodworking

Things I learned while making Lisa a wall-mounted jewelry cabinet for her birthday:

  • Wood projects take longer than I thought. Lisa's birthday is in July. Hah.
  • No plans, Mo' problems. Although I will say freestyling the entire thing was a great way to learn what works and what doesn't, for next time.
  • Routers need to be held tightly and power sanders can melt.
  • Stain takes a long time to dry in 85% humidity
  • Wood glue does not take stain so get rid of the excess.
  • Measure long — you can cut more but cutting too much requires another trip to the store (or 20 trips).
  • Dremel is a lifesaver
  • Attaching two cylindrical dowels in a "T" shape is hard. 
  • Jigsaw FTW.