Lincoln Square German Fest, Part ?

We were at it again, but this time we switched the script a little!

Lisa and I took the train down to the city in the late morning. Andrew was nice enough to pick us up but on the way to brunch at Flo I realized I had left all my camera batteries for the X100 at home! Derp. After a failed attempt purchasing a new battery at Best Buy, we drove by Calumet Photo and stumbled onto a photo gear show and picnic! The guys at Calumet are great — not only did they have the battery I was looking for (fully charged in the box), but they were also giving away free food and we got to test out the latest gear from Nikon, Leica (drool), and a host of other camera and accessory makers. It turned out to be a nice little detour to say the least.

After an awesome mex-themed brunch at Flo we then headed to Andrew’s to enjoy the gorgeous weather on the rooftop with some Moscow Mules. We got to the German Fest around  3 where we met Andreas and Marisa, whom we haven’t seen in ages. Of course after a few huge beers, tons of laughs, and various german food specialties, we headed to Lincoln Square Lanes where we met Jett and bowled a few terrible games. Since we’d been out since before noon, we called it quits a little bit earlier than usual and skipped out on our normal Garcia’s post-bowling feast. It’ll have to wait until next Maifest!