Mazatlan Adventure 2009-2010

Lisa and I left for vacation in Mazatlan, MX, on December 28th, 2009, and returned the night of January 1st. I have now been to Mexico a few times and this was probably the most beautiful scenery I have experienced yet. We stayed at the El Cid Marina Beach Hotel, a great hotel with access to both gorgeous beach areas and an active, bustling fishing marina. Big-ups to Miguel (Iguana Bar), Rogerio (Main Desk), Francisco (La Marina), and an unnamed gentleman from the La Marina bar who poured us eight beers to-go like it was totally normal — friendly and awesome service all day, every day.

Compared to places like Cancun, Acapulco, and Riviera Maya, which are stunning in their own rite, Mazatlan had such a diverse landscape and authentic (and easily accessible) Mexican culture that the experience was far more valuable than a typical “beach and pool” trip to a standard tourist destination. From the hotel staff to the cab drivers, the food-cart vendors to the Lighthouse operator, everyone was genuinely friendly and made us feel even more privileged to be in such a beautiful place.

We traveled with our friends, Sarah and Phil, which made the whole experience even more enjoyable and entertaining. Non-stop laughter seemed to temper the fact that I walked more on that trip than I have in the past year altogether — close to 18 miles over 5 days. We did our share of eating, drinking, and sunning by the pool, but the day trips made the whole visit worthwhile…

All in all the trip was a blast! I would definitely recommend Mazatlan to anyone looking for a warm destination with enough activities and variety available to justify sitting by the pool for half of every day.

You can view all of my images from the trip here: 

Also be sure to check out Phil and Sarah’s Flickr stream for a few hundred more images to get the full effect!